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January 7
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And Zia Makes Three by HuggyBear742 And Zia Makes Three by HuggyBear742
Little Benezia proves to be a quick study as she handily defeats dad in a game of Kepesh-Yakshi, aka "space-chess".

My first try at making an original character. I really liked the idea of "little blue babies" and found some spectacular 2D illustrations of baby asari, but almost no 3D art. Here's my attempt to fill that void.
Kudos if you can identify all of Zia's toys. Clap

Rendered in Source Filmmaker
Shepard by Nikout
Liara by Urgarulga / Deus ex Nihilo / LordAardvark / Haxxer
"Zia" by GoOr / Haxxer / LordAardvark / Huggybear
Shepard's Cabin by Evil-Ash
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avenger09 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Zia: "I kicked your ass Daddy."
Sheperf "You've got to stop hanging out with Traynor so often."
Liara "Ahem."
Sheperd "Oh and Jack too I guess." 
darkian343 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i think you did a great job on the little one even with Wrex's kid you did a good job man :D
I love those pictures with Zia. Is there any chance you'll do one with a Femshep in the future?

Not that there's anything wrong with broshep, just that my head canon is with Femshep, so I would love to see that as well.

Let me repeat that I absolutely love Zia, you've really made my day with those pictures. Thanks!
Love how their robotic dog is peaking up curiously in the corner of the picture. Makes this scene all the more priceless and adorable :") 
enterprisedavid Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can she beat him in a game of star trek 3d chess
Im liking the original textures...Hoping to see some Javik and his bad influence on children
Anything but that!
Oh, god no!
You should have traynor teaching Zia how to play chess.  I have to admit though I was so mad when the game makes your shepard actually lose chess. I say that because I play in speed chess championships in California. I really like what you have done. As seeing stuff like this would have made perfect slides for the extended ending of ME3. If there was a mod to have your images show up at the end of the rest of the game I'd install it in a heart beat.
You didn't think it was a nice little touch that the game gave Shepard a little character of its own? I thought Shepard being terrible at both chess and dancing was hilarious and wonderful, especially considering Shepard's potential unquestionable perfection (being an RPG character, after all). Of course, it would have been nice to be informed of it beforehand, perhaps by it being mentioned that (s)he's never played chess before.
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